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About Manje with Moise LLC

Journey of becoming

Moïse is the founder and owner of Manje with Moïse LLC, which she started in 2018. Unlike most professional chefs, Manje with Moïse LLC Moïse offers different service levels at a variety of price points, because she wants people from all backgrounds to be able to experience amazing food—even those on a budget. Services range from meal prepping, to prepared grazing boards, to in-home private chef services and cooking lessons—so you can experience culinary luxury right at home!

“Manje” is the Haitian Creole word for “eat” or “to eat”— but here, it’s used as a command: “Eat!” At Manje with Moïse, we believe in eating with gusto and treating each meal as a celebration of life. When we say, Manje!, we remind ourselves to take pleasure in the act of eating. We believe that food is not only sustenance, but also an expression of the joy of life. 

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About Chef Moise

Founder of Manje with Moïse LLC

Theo Moïse was born and raised in Haiti, and her Haitian heritage inspired a lifelong love affair with food that culminated in the creation of Manje with Moïse LLC. Moïse, who got her B.A. in International Studies, has traveled all around the globe and visited every continent in pursuit of new flavor inspiration. Her palate is international, and she is passionate about learning the history and culture behind each cuisine she encounters. Every other year, she travels to Morocco to replenish her stock of authentic spices—she doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts when it comes to flavor! Her specialties include fusion dishes, Tajine cooking, Haitian cuisine, Cajun and Creole cuisine, and more. She is RAMP- and allergen-certified and is also a certified food protection manager. She believes in bold flavors, organic ingredients, and honoring the cultures behind the dishes she creates.

Moïse’s passions include supporting her fellow members of the LGBT community, hosting intimate dinner parties, and inventing brand-new recipes using her favorite locally-sourced ingredients. She is continually inspired by women around the world who cook each day to feed their families while still making delicious, incredible food. When she’s not hosting cooking classes or serving up gourmet creations, you can catch her eating Castelvetrano olives straight out of the jar and planning her next adventure.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Moise reclines on the vibrant hued steps of one of her favorite spots, the famous Blue City of Chefchaouen in Morocco, which she visits regularly to restock her supply of authentic spices.

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