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Cheese Board Chef

The Platter and the Cheeseboard Chef Meet

Food on a cheese board platter usually looks so fancy, alluring, and inviting, but does it taste as good as it seems? Hire Manje with Moïse for an awe-inspiring, delicious meal prepared by the talented cheeseboard chef Moïse. Moïse has experience gained from personal work and that gained from interacting with great chefs around the world. She is skilled in ingredient combos and dish mixing that will leave you healthy, nutritious, and highly impressed.

What most people like about cheese board meals is the variety of food put on it. There are no rules about it, and we can play around with different kinds of foods to create the classical platter look –drool-worthy and abundant. At Manje With Moïse, we help you develop a cost-friendly seasonal ingredients list and easy to meet.

Our expertise can turn any cheeseboard meal into a dinner or party worthy meal of pocket-friendly price.

Enjoy the Luxuries of a Gourmet Chef Right in Your Kitchen

What makes Chef Moïse a relished gourmet chef is her love of high-quality and organic ingredients. She acquires these ingredients from local reputable stores and purchases others in Morocco. With these, she plans menus and prepares elaborate meals or oversees staff while they prepare it.

Moïse is an executive chef who takes time to train and monitor her apprentices to bring them to the quality she offers. She is also able to prepare budgets and stick to them. Chef Moïse makes quality checks on dishes in line with food preparation requirements and is 100% compliant to health and safety standards.

Thara has a gourmet's skill set, including withstanding pressure, creativity, strong leader, perceptiveness to details, and hands-on culinary experience. She is also very organized, has excellent management aptitude, and is open to criticism.

Manje With Moïse has the perfect gourmet chef who will make you feel like a celebrity or a guest on a cruise ship.

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