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Creole Cajun Chef

Have Your Kitchen Smelling Like a Louisianan Restaurant: Creole Cajun Chef

Creole and Cajun are lovely meals that are both native to Louisiana. The meals share an origin but are different in that Creole food utilizes tomatoes and tomato-based sauces, which is why it was known as the city food. Cajun, on the other hand, has no tomatoes at all.

Creole food utilizes ingredients that were first grown in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean and Native American's farm produce. Food creativity came from having an abundant supply of different ingredients, both locally produced and imported. On the other hand, Cajun food developed in a more closed off fashion, seeing as country people did not have access to the luxuries afforded by their city counterparts. Adaptation gave rise to Cajun cuisine, widely known for its characteristic ingredients – celery, onion, and bell pepper.

Moïse is a seasoned Creole Cajun chef able to bring out the best in both meals and leave you to feel like you just traveled to New Orleans.

Manje With Moïse Top Private Occasion Chef at Your Service

At Manje With Moïse, our sole purpose is to make your mealtime a great time and a memorable one. We manage private occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals to meet our client-specific needs and breathes life to the dreams.

Private occasions require just a few people, most of whom are family and friends who have come to celebrate and be there for their loved ones. Their intimacy means we allocate a decent amount of privacy. The Covid-19 pandemic also demands that we respect social distancing. Manje With Moïse has a specific chef and assistant arrangements to enjoy your meal and not be crowded by chefs carrying trays full of delicate items.

For the best private occasion chef services, we request our clients to make arrangements with us early enough for the optimum occasion experience.

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