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International Cuisine

Feel at Home Away From Home With International Cuisine

Being away from home can become stressful, especially when it comes to food. Searching for that perfect meal that gives you contentedness and a sense of well-being can be monotonous, tiring, and lackluster. Chef Moïse makes you enjoy your native delicacies in a splendid new way. She sources out her spices from Morocco every other year, and she firmly believes in authenticity in the food preparation process. Her food passion has driven her to travel worldwide, searching for inspiration and more knowledge regarding different meals and preparation.

Other than International Cuisine, Chef Moïse also specializes in different cuisines such as Haitian, Creole, and Cajun cuisine in addition to Tagine cooking, fusion dishes, and many more!

We prepare meals at Manje With Moïse with organic ingredients making their flavors prominent, and their cultural origin is appreciated. With us, food is not only about feeling satiated; it is about celebrating life, its joys, and gifts.

Craving an Exotic Dish? Let International Private Chef Moïse Take Care of You.

Varied meals do a great thing in breaking monotony at the dining table. However, trying to prepare meals from different geographical locations and cultural backgrounds could go haywire and become quite frustrating. Chef Moïse takes this away from you with her near-perfect skills in meal preparation of varied cuisines. She takes pride in preparing fresh home-cooked meals made with seasonal ingredients using great culinary expertise.

From meats, side dishes, drinks, desserts, starters, salads, and grazing boards, our international private Chef Moïse has you backed up. Have your kitchen filled with a Haitian restaurant's sweet aroma with the chef who fell in love with various dishes.

Manje With Moïse also personalizes international meals to suit your needs, such as being vegan, while at the same time providing a tantalizing meal that will leave you craving our magical touch.

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