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Fostering Equality, No Pride and Prejudice Here: LGBT Chef

LGBT has gradually but steadily become accepted within our society. People are coming out of the closet and openly declaring a sexual orientation different from the normalized heterosexuality. In line with this, various organizations openly endorse LGBT political candidates, celebrities, and non-celebrities.

At Manje With Moïse, we find this development commendable and would like to promote LGBT social justice and equality. We take stock to foster acceptance and create a safe space like we would for any other person. Chef Moïse is also a proud member of the LGBT community.

Manje With Moïse advocates for the rights of varied types of sexuality because we believe in no discrimination against on such a basis. We do not subscribe to bigotry and prejudice personal labels. For this reason, Moïse markets herself as an LGBT chef so that our clients know we won't have you stood up or ill-treated due to your sexual orientation.

Is It Pride Parade Month? Experience the Manje Pride Event Chef

We celebrate LGBTQ Pride (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence) in the US as a commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots. Every month of June, many events are held all over the world to recognize the LGBTQ impact. These also promote self and social acceptance, achievements, community pride, and legal rights such as same-sex marriages, social attitudes, and access to health care.

At Manje With Moïse, our stand is that only little men have hearts full of conceit and that being proud of who and what you are is an affirmation of dignity. Moïse is a proud event chef ready to fill your pride parade month with culinary specialties' joys. The Manje experience in pride events are well over premium plus and guaranteed to let you cater to all events.

For custom made LGBTQ food such as personalized wedding cakes, contact us to reserve your spot and let us make your day delightful.

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