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Traditional Central American caribbean cuban colombian food. Fried tostones, green bananas

Kreole Kitchen {up-chage may apply for specialty items}



Plantain Chips & Piklis

Butternut Squash

Bouillon Soup

Fritay Mix

Specialty Meats

Stewed Chicken

Griot (Pork)

Legume (two meats)

Beef Stew


Goat Stew

Tassot (Choice of Beef or Goat Meat)

Specialty Sides & Rice

Rice & Beans

Black rice (Djon Djon)

Macaroni Au Grantin

Russian Salad

Mayi Moulin

Specialty Seafood 

Red Snapper

Lambi (Conch)


Crab Salad

Yuka Salad (Dried Fish)

Haitian Cuisine: List
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