Beef Stew

Name: Beef Stew Serving:4 Prep Time: 15 mins. Cooking Time: 45 mins


· Beef


· Carrots

· White onion

Dry Spices:

· Salt (as desired)

· White pepper

· Cumin

· Thyme

· Onion Powder

· Garlic Powder

· Beef better than bouillon powder

· Bay Leafs

Wet Spices:

· Epis

· Tomato paste


· Knob of butter

Dry ingredients

· Beer of your choice

· Brown sugar

Phase one: Marinate your cut of beef with seasonings (white pepper, cumin, thyme, onion/garlic powder, turmeric, salt and black pepper) and spicy epis. Get a fat of your choice hot in a pan. Add brown sugar and your beef (this is the brown sugar method, which is good for caramelizing beef). Allow the sugar to cook off and bind with the fat.

Phase two: Once you cook off the beef moisture, add in your vegetables (carrots and onions) and aromatics. Deglaze the pan with a beer of your choice.

Phase three: To the pan, add in tomato paste, beef better than bouillon powder, and bay leaves. Add water so the carrots can cook through and allow to cook.

Phase three: Once this is cooked half way, add in potatoes and finish cooking. Stir in some cornstarch to thicken the stew up, and take out your aromatics. Check the stew every ten minutes to see if it is rich enough and the potatoes are cooked through. Reduce and add water until your desired thickness.

Phase four: Finish the stew up with a knob of butter and allow to sit for a few minutes before serving.

Plating: Top over white rice and serve!

Wine Pairing: A red wine

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