Djon Djon Rice with Shrimp

Name: Djon djon Rice with Shrimp Serving: 4 Prep Time: 5 mins Cooking Time: 30 mins




· Lima Beans (you can use frozen)


Dry Spices:

· Chicken Bullion

Wet Spices:

· Epis

Dry ingredients

· Oil

·White rice

Phase one: Heat up half a cup of oil until very hot and fry up chopped onions of your choice. Add in a tablespoon and a half of epis and cook with the onions.

Phase two: Add in frozen or fresh lima beans to the oil. Cook until the lima beans are thawed or heated up. Add in washed and cleaned shrimp, and a cube of chicken bullion and mix.

Phase three: Wash your rice until the water is clear. Once washed, add your rice to the oil mix and combine on high heat. Add in black djon djon mix. Cover with a lid and allow the mix to cook for around 25 minutes.

Plating: Serve with a protein or on it's own!

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