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This simple Indian dessert is a hugely popular street food in the Middle East and across South Asia. Perfectly crunchy and the right amount of sweet, Jalebis are made by frying dough into pretzels or circular shapes and are often served at weddings, festivals, and celebrations. Apple Jalebis are a twist on the traditional dish. Instead of frying the dough, apple rings are coated in sugar and batter and fried until the outside is crisp and the inside is gooey and delicious—they remind me of a cross between a perfect apple pie and a crunchy, sugary funnel cake. Although the Indian version of the dish often uses peanut oil, I’ve opted for canola because it’s less expensive and not quite as overpowering.


3-4 apples (Granny Smith is best)

Powdered cinnamon

1 C powdered sugar

½ tsp salt

3 C Flour

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup club soda

Canola oil (not vegetable oil, since you’ll be using it for frying at high temps)

Dutch oven or cast-iron pot with high sides for frying