Lemon, Pepper, and Honey Chicken Wings

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Name: Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings Serving: 4 Prep Time: 90 mins Cooking Time: 60 mins Series: Chefs Signatures Dishes

Meat: Chicken wings


· Chopped Shallots

· The juice of 5 lemons (and the zest of one)

Dry Spices:

· Thyme

· Sage

· Garlic powder

· Onion powder

· White pepper

· Freshly cracked black pepper

· Salt (as desired)

Dairy: 1 Stick of butter

Dry ingredients

· Grape Seed oil

· Sugar

· Worcestershire sauce

· Honey

Phase one: The first step is creating a marinade for your chicken. Start with a neutral oil of your choice (grape-seed oil works well). Add in the juice of four lemons, chopped shallots, Worcestershire sauce, dry spices (sage, thyme, white pepper, onion/garlic powder), a bit of sugar, and mix to combine.

Phase two: Coat your chicken wings in the marinade and allow them to sit for around an hour.

Phase three: Spray the pan where you will cook your chicken wings. Place them in an even layer with around ½ inch in between each wing. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

Phase four: Mix the remaining marinade with a whole stick of melted butter, the juice of one lemon, honey (as much as you desire), and lots of freshly cracked black pepper. This is the sauce you will use to baste your chicken wings. Use a brush to baste, then flip the wings every ten minutes (they cook for 40 minutes so you should baste 4 times)

Phase five: After the 40 minutes of baking, shallow fry the wings in a neutral oil (grape seed again). Fry them on both sides in a thin layer of your oil until they are blackened and crispy. Boil the leftover basting sauce in a separate pan, and cover your fried wings in the sauce. Zest a whole lemon, mix it up with your finished chicken, and serve!

Plating: Pair with wedged potatoes and an iced tea


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