Savory Mushroom Fried Rice

Name: Mushroom Fried Rice Serving:4 Prep Time: 15 mins Cooking Time:45 mins


· Garlic

· Ginger



Dry Spices:

· Better than bullion

· White pepper

· Thyme

· Sage

· Cumin


· ½ a stick of butter

Dry ingredients

· Oil

· Sugar

· Day old rice

Phase one: Begin by cutting up your mushrooms of choice as fine as you can (shitake works well). Then, chop up some garlic and sauté in oil. Once the garlic has cooked a bit, add in the mushrooms and sauté for a couple minutes. Then, to the pan add in a tablespoon of better than bullion and your seasonings (thyme, sage, cumin, white pepper).

Phase two: Once the mushrooms have absorbed all of the flavor, toss in half a stick of butter and let it melt on low heat. To this, add in your day old rice and stir until incorporated. Turn up the heat and fry your rice for 4-5 minutes.

Phase three: Finely chop fresh scallions and fresh ginger. Then, turn off the flame and add this to the rice. Add a bit of sugar and cover the rice, allowing the steam to finish cooking the ginger and scallion.

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