Soy and Maple Pork Belly

Name: Soy and Maple Pork Belly Serving: 4 Prep Time: 20 mins Cooking Time: 20 mins


· Pork belly


· Scallions

· Ginger


· Butter

· Eggs

Dry Seasonings:

· Cardamom

· Chili Flakes

· Bay leaves

· Cloves

Wet Seasonings:

· Roasted garlic cubes

Dry Ingredients:

· Rice wine vinegar

· Brown sugar

· Soy sauce (dark and light)

· Maple syrup

· Frying oil

Phase one: Begin by cutting up your pork belly into small 1 inch cubes and heavily salt the pieces. For the sweet and savory marinade, melt brown sugar in a pan and add a bit of water to help it dissolve. To the pan add in some dark and light soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, cardamom, cloves, chili flakes, and bay leaves. Finish the marinade with maple syrup, Ginger, scallion, and roasted garlic cubes.

Phase two: Pour the hot marinade over the top of the pork belly, allow to cool, then wrap it in plastic and allow it to marinade for 16 hours. After 16 hours the pork pieces should be more plump. Deep fry the pork in 350 degree oil until they are black from the sugar (not because they’re burnt).

Phase three: Rehydrate the pork belly with more of the marinade and water and cook off on high heat until the water completely evaporates and you are left with the brown sticky sauce.

Plating: Top the pork belly with scallions and red chili flakes (and maple syrup if you like it sweet).

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