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Sweet and Spicy Tofu

Name: Sweet and Spicy Tofu Serving: 4 Prep Time: 20 mins Cooking Time: 15 mins Marinade time: 12 hours


·Extra firm tofu

Wet ingredients:

· Sweet and spicy sauce (recipe posted)

Dry ingredients

· Salted roasted cashews

· Avocado oil

Phase one: Press the liquid out of a piece of extra firm tofu with a paper towel. Cut the tofu block into smaller squares to create more surface area. Cover the tofu in sweet and spicy sauce (the recipe is posted) and allow it to sit in a container overnight. Rinse some roasted salted cashews and allow them to sit overnight as well.

Phase two: After the cashews have soaked and the tofu has marinaded for around 12 hours, heat up a pan with a high temperature oil (avocado oil works well). Pan fry the tofu until every piece is nicely caramelized. Add in roasted garlic and soaked cashews to the pan and combine.

Plating: Serve with a side of your choice!