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Private Chef

In Need of a Private Chef? Worry Not! Manje With Moïse Is Here

Having a delicious meal in your own house's comfort is a luxury you would hate to miss. At a price point matching your budget and needs, Manje With Moïse prepares high-quality premier meals in your kitchen, bringing your favorite aromas right into your house.

A private chef comes as a convenience at different times. It may be at the end of a long day when you are all feeling tired and in need of some rest. It may be on a day when you have invited family and friends over, and you are feeling a little overwhelmed or doubting your culinary skills. It may only be that you miss the deluxe favorite-restaurant experience, but you don't want to go outdoors. Other benefits include having healthy meals, diet education, and enjoying customized meals. Contact Manje With Moïse and get to experience all these and much more.

Hi Siri. Search Chef Near Me.

Modern-day technology gives you the benefit of quickly locating various services near you in seconds. With your location on, search "Chef Near Me" in your browser. Manje With Moïse will come up as one of the chefs if you are within the Philadelphia Land Area, Tri-state/DMV area. We cater events within a 3-hour radius of our base.

So, why choose us out of all other caterers that pop up? Because culinary success is our creed, and your satisfaction is our joy! Manje With Moïse assures a world-class chef that is friendly, punctual, responsive to your needs, and has high caliber professionalism. We prepare meals to look just as good as they appear in our gallery and taste even better. Reviews on Moïse's the website tells of the excellent reputation we hold.

If you wish to have us come to you, please contact us by calling (484)-962-0775 or email us at

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