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Private Dining Chef

Exquisite Dining With Moïse, the Private Dining Chef

Private dining gives you the freedom to customize your menu according to your choice and budget. It also saves you from the hustle and bustle of arranging the dining experience. You can relax and entertain your family or guests and not steal time to check whether the Turkey is burning.

Manje With Moïse takes into account your likes and dislikes when setting up your meal place. These include chair and cutlery arrangements, decorations, among others. We arrange to have adornments that suit your taste and that match the event atmosphere and tone. For instance, a seafood menu may have ornament articles such as little ships and whales.

Moïse and her dedicated team work with you to coordinate your event so that you enjoy all that comes with a private dining chef. We believe in communicating with you for whichever needs you have during the event, and supporting you until the last guest has left.

Getting Married? Grace Your Bachelor Party With a Personal Bachelor Event Chef

Marriage is beautiful as it brings together people who share love and interests into a lifelong commitment to share matrimony's joys. But even then, the party before the vows needs to be

memorable. When well planned, a bachelor party is a great chance to bring you and your friends together in celebration. It frees you from all the stress you've had making arrangements for the big day. It also gives you one more chance to enjoy your single life.

Manje With Moïse is skilled in culinary arts suited for a grand bachelor party. Our bachelor event chef is flexible and can move around with you to the different places you shift the celebrations. Sometimes crazy things happen during a bachelor party, but when it comes to food, accept no compromise by choosing Manje With Moïse.

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