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Secret Menu

Slow Cooked Meats loaded with Flavor & Authentic Spices 

Berber Spiced Tajine Lamb

Tender lamb off the bone, berber spiced au jus

Berber Spiced Tajine Hen

Juicy whole Cornish Hen, fresh herbs & roasted garlic

Browned Sugar Rump Roast (Beef or Pork)

Beef or Pork Rump in savory beer gravy

Sweet & Sticky Short Ribs (Beef or Pork)

Beef or Pork Ribs in sweet & spicy sauce

Confit tomato Spatchcock Chicken

Bursting with Flavor, sweet confit tomatoes, and tender meat

Curried Goat Stew

Caribbean Style, Spicy, gamy, and saucy

Haitian Style Griot

Deep Fried marinated Pork Belly & Shoulder

Signature Oxtails

Dry rubbed & braised or Stewed with collards greens 

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