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Double Fried Chicken Bites

Tender, juicy bite size chicken. Made with whole chicken Breast

Sauce: Honey Buffalo or Lime Dill or Sweet Orange

Harissa Salmon Cakes

Flaky, flavorful salmon patty. Made with salmon meat & Panko, & Honey.

Cajun Boudin Balls

Ground pork, fluffy rice ball. Breaded & Deep Fried.

Bang Bang Shrimp (GF)

Coated & Fried Shrimp in creamy spicy sauce.

Mozzarella Croquettes (V) 

Mash potato ball loaded with cheese, breaded & Deep Fried

Haitian Style Fried Plantain Chips (V)

Thin and crispy with bell pepper salsa 

Heirloom Tomato & Mozzarella Tower (V)

with Pesto, Chiffon basil & Balsamic

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