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Traveling Chef

No Need to Catch a Cab to the Restaurant, Let Us Come to You: The Traveling Chef.

Manje With Moïse provides you with a chef that creates the 5-star hotel experience wherever you are. We travel to you and handle menu plans, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. Optional services include cleaning up and renting chairs, tables, or plates.

To book your traveling chef at Manje With Moïse, start by determining the kind of event you would like to hold and your guest list. Afterward, select your menu, which includes the main
meal, side dishes, and drinks. Also, decide on the optional services you would like to have. When set, contact us with your grocery list. We provide a full invoice for the plan, whose payment serves as deposit and security for the chef's spot. Our clients complete the rest of the cost at the end of your event through varied payment plans.

Have all the freedom to move around and let Manje With Moïse take care of your meals.

Events Made Grandiose With Our Sensational Catering Services

Are you holding an event and wish to make it memorable with scrumptious, finger-licking meals? Look no further! Manje With Moïse offers catering services for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, soirées, buffets, corporate meetings, sit-downs, office delivery, and food truck catering.

We work with your preferred type of menu, whether preset, personalized menu, or custom-tailored menu. What's even better is that we offer free appetizers for bachelor parties and free desserts for bachelorette parties. Events of more than eleven people also attract a discount. Chef Moïse brings one assistant for affairs of two to eight people and one assistant for every eight people.

Everyone works to impress and make everything perfect for an event. For this reason, Manje With Moïse has several credentials to show that their services are quality and approved by relevant bureaus. Our certifications include allergen certification and RAMP certification. Other certificates are Servsafe Food Protection Manager and Limited Liability Corporation.

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