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Organic Vegetables

Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

Indian-ish Entrees

  • All served with Basmati rice

  • Garlic black dal & golden fried cauliflower

  • Cardamom red lentil dal loaded with carrots & pan fried paneer

  • Curry spiced dry roasted vegetable with honey tahini drizzle & curry creamed spinach

Latin American Entrees

  • Savory black beans, sweet plantains, fried corn, & mixed peppers, onions over quinoa with chipotle drizzle

  • Vegetarian sausage & cheese empanadas with butternut squash puree & shredded collard greens

  • Red beans in rice & fried yucca & sauteed swiss chard with tomato sos

  • Vegetarian coxinha with chimichurri sauce & garlic string beans & a tomato-avocado salad

Americana Entrees

  • Honey & hot sauce deep fried cauliflower & maple brussels sprouts & sweet butter cornbread casserole

  • Golden carrot rice & roasted pepper mushrooms & fried tomato rings

  • Green vegetables in white wine & cream sauce over linguine & deep fried mushrooms

  • Cacio e pepe with lemon & garlic & black pepper mushroom steak & garlic asparagus

Curries Entrees

  • Sweet golden curry loaded with carrots, cauliflower, swiss chard, & squash

  • Savory red curry loaded with portobello mushrooms, chickpeas, kale, & radish

  • Spicy green curry loaded with trumpet mushrooms, broccoli, baby corn & peppers

  • Shakshuka with chickpeas, spinach, gooey egg & feta cheese

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