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Weddings Chef

Imperishable Meal Memories Made With Manje's Weddings Chef

Weddings could become profusely grueling, especially when it comes to meals. Manje With Moïse has the wedding chef who operates with great expertise, keeping a keen eye for the tiny details you don't want to miss. We are strict with service delivery in terms of when, where, and how.

Our wedding catering packages include food, beverages, staffing, rentals, and other extra services. We work with you for culturally specific cuisines to create a setup that corresponds to the food's origin.

Rentals include utensils such as charger plates, floral arrangements, and artistic tablescape décor. Extra services such as packaging are available at an added cost.

During these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we take extra caution by wearing masks, routine temperature measurement, and maintaining social distance. We also practice equipment

and kitchen sanitation before and after services.

Weddings catering come at a minimum price of $500, the price we find worth the exquisite services we provide.

Celebrating That Special Day? Book an Anniversary Chef at Manje With Moïse.

Anniversaries and the events that they commemorate help add importance to life. They recognize shared public encounters, social achievements and accomplishments, and individual and

familial occasions. A few anniversaries go with quiet affirmation by people; others merit public festivals on a nearby or general level.

Anniversaries celebrate historical happenings, organizational milestones, unique cultural experiences, and life markers. Different catering kinds are available for these events, such as finger foods, picnics, or grazing platters. Depending on the event's size, you could also include a bar, a cash bar, an open bar, or a limited open bar.

Whichever anniversary you have and whatever way you choose to acknowledge your anniversary, make it a great treat with Manje With Moïse anniversary chef. Our prices vary depending on your guest count, meal specifications such as fancy treats, and additional services.

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